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Fütchi Perf

Sold Out

New Printing Available from: Uncivilized Books

by Kevin Czap

Fütchi Perf’s idealized future is home to tightly-knit romantic friendships, life-changing basement shows, uber-chic cultural tastemakers and magical solutions to real problems. Kevin Czap’s new book weaves together a handful of short comics, assembled like songs on an album, against the shared backdrop of a better, happier Cleveland. Taken as a whole, Fütchi Perf addresses resonant themes such as optimism, societal change and community. This is the author’s first long-form work in print.

“Czap’s feminist text and drawings make you question all parameters of how we think about bodies, time, control, and agency, while at the same time finding total meaning in every intentional experience and thing you have tried, loved, failed at, or dreamt about.”
- Victoria Ruiz, Downtown Boys, Malportado Kids

“[Kevin Czap’s] work rewards close examination in an amazing way”
- Sophia Foster Dimino, Sex Fantasy

“Fütchi Perf resonates with a compelling earnestness and the energy of urban Cleveland life. With comics that are lyrical and full of heart, Czap delivers a singular vision of a future worth changing for.”
- Alex Hoffman, Sequential State

84 pages, two color risograph
6” x 9” softcover, saddlestitched
ISBN 978-0-9906874-1-2