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by Jessi Zabarsky

The first time Sanja lays her eyes on Lelek the Witch, she gets caught up in a whirlwind of chaos and stolen away from her humble village life. Sanja quickly finds out that her kidnapper Lelek isn’t as bad or as hard as she hopes to appear – the Witch is on a desperate quest to recover her missing half. As they travel together, the unlikely pair grow more entangled. Lelek learns about strength, gentleness and her own limitations, while Sanja learns more about the traumatic past behind Lelek’s bravado, and both stumble their way through the difficulties of growing close to another person.

Set against the backdrop of a Miyazaki-esque fantasy world, Witchlight is filled with witch battles, murky pasts, quiet moments and tender emotion. This volume collects Zabarsky’s lushly illustrated shoujo adventure series into a single book, including the heart-gripping conclusion.

About the Artist
Jessi Zabarsky lives in Chicago, drawing comics, growing vegetables, and spotting bunnies. Her comics are generally about very small spaces and moments in very big worlds.

“Witchlight is the kind of comic I wish had been around when I was a kid. A beautiful, earnest story about bravery and magic, with daring girls front-and-center. A wonderfully original take on fantasy, well outside the knights-and-dragons mold we're all so reluctantly accustomed to.”
- C. Spike Trotman, Iron Spike Comics

“Witchlight wraps you in warmth from page one. Beautifully drawn, a magical tale about yearning for forgiveness and stumbling into trust.”
- Rebecca Mock, Compass South

details: 198 pages, black and white
7” x 10.25” softcover, perfect-bound
ISBN 978-0-9906874-4-3

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